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Before Buying or Selling a Home
Inspect & Service Dryer Vents

Lint packed against a dryer vent indicates a clog

As a realtor, home buyer or seller, it is important to be aware of the potential safety and financial hazards posed by clogged or damaged dryer vents. Failure to inspect a property's dryer vents before listing can lead to several dangerous and costly issues that could potentially reduce a property's value and deter buyers. Fortunately, there are steps realtors can take to ensure their client’s home is safe while also protecting them from expensive repairs down the line.


First, it’s essential for realtors to visually inspect the condition of the vent and surrounding area prior to listing a home. This means checking both inside the exhaust duct as well as outside of the vent hood opening for any signs of lint buildup or blockages. Additionally, realtors should make sure that the outside vent cap is not damaged or blocked, as this can result in air not being able to properly escape from the dryer.

Crushed dryer vent transition hose, lint around dryer
Screens on dryer vent terminations cause lint clogs

If any of these issues are present, it’s important to have a professional come out and clean the dryer vent to ensure it’s functioning safely and up-to-code. This process includes removing lint buildup and inspecting all other parts of the system for damage or clogs. Not only does this help prevent dangerous fires caused by overheated dryers full of lint, but it also helps protect homeowners from having to pay for expensive repairs due to blocked vents or malfunctioning systems.

Check the dryer exhaust vent for lint accumulation

By taking the time to check a client’s dryer vents before listing, realtors can help protect their clients from potential hazards while also ensuring they get the best return on their investment. Regular professional inspections and cleanings on dryer vents helps keep homeowners safe while also protecting them from costly repairs down the line. In the end, taking these steps is an essential part of being a responsible realtor and helping your clients succeed in selling their homes.

Home inspectors should check dryer vent airflow at vent termination. If airflow is poor, there could be a clog or disconnected pipe in the wall.

Inspecting a dryer vent prior to listing a home provides benefits for both the seller and the buyer. For sellers, it helps ensure that their home is safe from potential hazards such as lint buildup and blockages that can lead to fires or costly repairs. Additionally, having a professional come out and clean the system also helps protect them from expensive repairs down the line due to malfunctioning systems or blocked vents. For buyers, it ensures that they are getting a quality product with no underlying issues that could cause major problems in the future.


All in all, inspection of dryer vents prior to listing a home is an essential step for both sellers and buyers alike in order to maximize safety and minimize any issues that could be present when purchasing or selling a property.


For more information on what to look for during a dryer vent inspection, see our article on Dryer Vent Inspections: Essential Guide on Dryer Vent Inspection - How to Ensure Your System is Up-to-Code.


Preventing house fires caused by improper or blocked dryer vents is simple, and a little preventive maintenance can make a life-saving difference. When was the last time you checked and cleared your dryer vent? Ensuring your family's safety is crucial, and I'm here to help you with that. Call Pittsburgh's Dryer Vent Specialist at SafeFlow Dryer Vent Cleaning Pittsburgh PA.

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