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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do you clean the dryer vent?  What does it entail?

At SafeFlow Dryer Vent Cleaning Pittsburgh PA, dryer vent cleaning and dryer exhaust is all we do!  We promise you will have a highly experienced certified dryer exhaust professional sent to your home to perform the service and it will be done right the first time! We will be professional and friendly during our visit and clean up like we were never there! ​Our dryer vent cleaning service includes: ​- An air flow measurement at the exterior point before starting. - Moving the dryer out to access and clean the floor and wall behind it. - Brush and agitation cleaning in conjunction with high powered suction, from the flexible transition hose behind the dryer all the way to the exterior termination. - Inspection of your flexible transition hose behind your dryer to ensure it is up to code (no plastic materials and proper sizing) and undamaged. If it is damaged or not code compliant we can replace it with a code compliant fire resistant vent hose. - Cleaning and vacuuming the lint screen and lint trap inside the dryer. - After cleaning the area behind the dryer, reinstallation of the dryer and ensuring it sits level on the floor with no wobbling. - An air flow test at the exterior termination with the dryer running to ensure 100% that the air flow has the proper CFM and the vent is totally clear of debris. - Inspection of the exterior wall vent cap or roof vent to ensure it is working properly and undamaged. If it needs attention, we carry an array of options for replacing them. - A time of answering any questions you may have about your exhaust system. - Check out with a smile and a digital copy of your receipt sent to you for your records!

Q:  Does this also include a thorough cleaning of the dryer appliance?

No, these are two separate services. We recommend having your dryer vent system cleaned annually and having your dryer appliance cleaned out every 3-5 years by an appliance repair person.

Q:  Does dryer vent cleaning leave a mess inside or outside?

No. The inside is left cleaner than how it was upon arrival, and the outside is cleaned up as much as possible to leave it looking nice and clean!

Q:  How long does dryer vent cleaning take?

Usually, dryer vent cleaning takes about an hour, plus or minus 15 minutes.

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