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Dryer Vent Covers... Which Work Best?

When it comes to termination covers, you have a variety of options to choose from. You can opt for either plastic or metal covers, each with its own advantages. Louvered covers offer the flexibility of having two, three, or four louvers. If you go with metal, you can select a paintable, galvanized, or pre-finished option. On the other hand, plastic covers come in standard designs or multi-piece configurations that act as flashing. Depending on your preference, a termination cover can be installed over the siding, flashed around the siding, or partially concealed under the siding.


It's worth noting that the quality of plastic covers can vary significantly. Lower quality models may disintegrate or break easily, so it's crucial to choose a reliable option. For added functionality, there even exists a model with two single-dampers stacked on top of each other, serving as a deterrent to bird entry.


In our professional opinion, we highly recommend the installation of metal covers. They have a proven track record of lasting much longer than their plastic counterparts. Our most popular model is this metal cover which has received widespread acclaim for its durability and performance.

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This cover is highly favored for several reasons.  Firstly, it boasts exceptional attractiveness and efficiency, surpassing other market competitors.  Moreover, its cleanability sets it apart from alternative models, guaranteeing optimal functionality of the damper.  Most significantly perhaps, it features multiple layers of bird resistance, effectively preventing avian intrusions. (For added peace of mind, there's even a matching bird guard to unequivocally ensure their exclusion!) 

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