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Top 3 Items That Need Replacement

Ensuring the safety, efficiency, and code compliance of your dryer exhaust system often calls for three common repairs or replacements. Let's take a closer look:


  1. Transition Duct:  This duct connects your dryer duct to the main duct. Ideally, it should be made of heavy metal, but unfortunately, that's not always the case. Check the back of most dryers for a sticker that clearly specifies the recommended material.

  2. Termination Cover:  This is where the exhaust system meets the exterior, whether through the wall or the roof (both options work!).  It's crucial to have a termination cover with a functional, integrated damper, be it a single damper or louvers.  Plastic termination covers are not recommended due to their tendency to crack and break apart after a few years.

  3. Main Duct:  We often find that a builder has installed an improper dryer vent that must be replaced for safety and efficiency.  Flimsy materials like "slinky foil," vinyl, and semi-rigid options are insufficient for functioning as the main duct.  In such cases, the main duct must be replaced with heavy-gauge rigid material.  Pennsylvania code requires the main dryer duct to be made of minimum 28-gauge galvanized metal. 


The complexity and difficulty of replacing each component can vary significantly. While a handy homeowner may handle simpler scenarios, more challenging situations typically require professional installation.  


By addressing these issues and making the necessary repairs or replacements, you can ensure an efficient and safe dryer exhaust system that meets all relevant codes.

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